Sunday 30 October 2016

It's About Time

I got an e-mail from eBay the other week.

Nothing particularly unusual about that. I get e-mails from eBay pretty much everyday: "You've been outbid," "That seller you like has listed something you didn't realise you needed until right now," "We know where you live," "We're coming for your soul."

But on this occasion, the e-mail was something rather unexpected: A £15 money-off voucher for any purchase over £30.

That's nice, but I couldn't really think of anything I wanted or needed.

After reading the e-mail, I returned to my latest game of Betrayal at Calth, and I moved my unit of Blood Angel terminators, repurposed from Space Hulk. You see, regular readers (if such mythic entities truly exist) may remember that when Betrayal at Calth came out last year, I really couldn't justify the £95 price tag, so I ended up purchasing only the cardboard components from a seller on eBay, and then proxying the miniatures.

Perhaps you can see where this article is going.

After moving my terminators, it was time to move a unit of chaos cultists from Assassinorum Execution Force

As I rolled dice, I thought about that voucher from eBay. What could I possibly use it for?

Next, a unit of Imperial guard models moved into position, trying their best (and failing miserably) to look like a unit of space marines.

Then it hit me... It's my wife's birthday in November. I could use the eBay voucher to get her something!

No, no. That's a silly idea.

Now it was time for the Sorcerer Lord Drask from Assassinorum Execution Force to do his best impression of a contemptor dreadnought.

And that was when the lightbulb went on.

Christmas is coming!

No, no. Not that.

I could put the voucher towards buying a full copy of Betrayal at Calth, so I could finally get a good look at the miniatures that everyone went gooey for last year.

I searched eBay, found a shop selling a brand new copy with free shipping for £70, applied the discount voucher, and waited, feeling very smug that I managed to snag a complete copy of this excellent game for just £55.

The other day, the box turned up; and I have to admit, I'm a little intimidated.

The model kits for this game are exceptionally beautiful. They are also exceptionally detailed.

I have been building and painting miniatures for years, and I'm not sure I even know where to start. The box is packed to the brim, and... well... here's a picture:

Betrayal at Calth box contents

And it doesn't help that, at around the same time, this little thing turned up on my doorstep...

Burning of Prospero game box

Burning of Prospero is in a slightly deeper box than Betrayal at Calth, and it has even more plastic kits. Even more detailed plastic kits...

Burning of Prospero game contents

And my head hurts.

All told, I now have 60 marines, 10 terminators, four heroes, five sisters of silence, five custodes, and a contemptor dreadnought to build.

And have I ever mentioned that, while I enjoy painting, assembling miniatures isn't something I particularly care for?

I'm really not looking forward to ploughing through this lot. I know it's going to be worth it in the end. But sometimes I really regret being a fan of Games Workshop. That's even before I consider the amount of shelf space the boxes take up...

Games Workshop boxed games

And Games Workshop have confirmed the release of Blood Bowl for December. I better get gluing.

Betrayal at Calth is readily available from all good Game Workshop stockists. It's well worth a look.


  1. Lost Patrol review?

    1. Should be up this week. I've been working on it for a while now, but real life got in the way so I haven't had a chance to compile the notes into a meaningful review. Thanks for reading.

    2. Thanks for your reviews.

  2. I am also full of dread/excitement for Blood Bowl. I'm sure I'll have Overkill and Silver Tower assembled and painted by then. Sure.

    1. Bell of Lost Souls showed some blow-apart illustrations of the Blood Bowl miniatures today. They are two- and three-piece models that push-fit, which is going to be a breeze after working on these damned Prospero figures.

      As for me being up together with my painting by the time it comes out... I won't even be close.

  3. Very interested in the new Burning of Prospero game, any chance you'll be doing a review of it at some stage?


    1. I will definitely be reviewing it. The assembly is a real pain, so it might take a little while. Hopefully within the next fortnight though.

    2. Good to hear. I was not sure about Overkill after watching the playthrough on GW's site but your review really sold it to me. Bought a copy of Calth a while later after reading you review for that one too.

      Surprised they did not do a playthrough for the new game too as I like to see the game being played. Like yourself, I'm interested in the board game itself rather than just the miniatures. Had great fun playing Calth with my 8 year old nephew.


    3. Thanks for reading. I hope you ended up enjoying Overkill as much as I do.

      Calth is a wonderful game - streamlined rules with plenty of scope for tactical play. I think Prospero offers something similar in that regard, although the rules are very different.


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