Saturday 22 August 2020

Video Review - Candy Chaser

Designed by Masao Suganuma
Published by Iello
For 2-4 players, aged 8 to adult

Candy Chaser is an incredibly quick filler game about toddlers smuggling candy. In this video review, we find out if there's anything here to sink your teeth into.

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Thursday 9 April 2020

Review - Castle of Mind

Designed by Torok-Szabo Balazs
Published by the Fontanus Scientific Methodology Research and Education Center
For 2 players, aged 8 to adult

Castle of Mind

Have you ever played "Pan in the Sink" before?

I bet you have. You may not have realised it. But you have.

You know after you've eaten dinner, and you're washing up, and there's that one pan left? You know the one. The one with the really crusty, baked on black stuff. The one that's going to take about half an hour to clean.

Sure, you could scrub it. But you don't. Instead, you fill the sink with water and drop the pan in there. If anybody asks, it needed to soak.

And soak it will.

For how long depends entirely on how good you (and the people you live with) are at playing "Pan in the Sink."

You see, the aim of the game is simple: Don't be the one that actually cleans the pan.

It's really just a waiting game. Seeing whose will breaks first.

How stubborn can you be? How determined are you to keep the pan sitting there?

If you win, you get the joy of not having to clean the pan. But if you lose...

Losing is the worst, because not only do you have to clean the pan, you also have to clean all the other stuff that has built up beside the sink while the pan was stewing. It's a chain reaction. A domino effect of cleaning.

And you may be wondering why I bring up "Pan in the Sink" at all. Well, besides the fact I'm currently the reigning champion, and in the middle of a game as I type, it also reminds me very much of Castle of Mind.

Let me explain...