Monday 23 September 2013

Shut Up & Sit Down

Shut Up & Sit Down!

No, I'm not being rude. I wouldn't do that.

Actually, I would.

But I'm not. Not this time, anyway.

But I do mean it...

Shut Up & Sit Down!

We (being me) interrupt your scheduled broadcast to bring you this public service announcement: Shut Up & Sit Down needs YOU.

If you don't know who the Shut Up & Sit Down team are, then you really need to make it your mission to find out. I'll drop a link at the bottom of this post so you can head over to their website and check it out. I would put the link HERE, but if I did that, you'd click it. And then you'd never come back.

And I'd be lonely.

Because, you see, Shut Up & Sit Down basically do something similar to what I do. Only with more current board games. And videos. And, you know... jokes.

If you are fed up with boring, mundane reviews about board games; if you want to see reviews that don't just regurgitate the rules but actually tell you what it feels like to experience a game; if you want to laugh, cry, and stare into the dark abyss of the human soul... Well, you need help. But you also need Shut Up & Sit Down.

I have only recently discovered the site, and frankly I don't know how I survived without it. I don't know any of the people responsible for running it, but I already feel like they're my friends. They just come across as genuinely decent people who are a lot of fun, and love the same hobby we all love. They are the sort of people I would want to sit down to play a game with. They would probably make me wear a cocktail dress, but it would almost certainly be worth it.


But Shut Up & Sit Down is hungry. The team need to eat. And that's where you come in.

No, they don't want to eat you.

But once you have visited the site, and you have finished absorbing all the boardgaming goodness there like some horrifying, vampiric sponge, click on the little "Donate" option at the top of the page. Drop the guys a few quid. It will enable them to keep doing what they're doing. And that's a good thing, because I wouldn't want them doing anything else (and I'm pretty sure the authorities wouldn't either). And hey, if you donate enough money, they'll even send you some goodies. Sounds like a good deal to me.

This is the end of the public service announcement. Next up, more shitty out of production board games...

Oh yeah, and here's that link I promised.

Please don't forget me once you've seen how a professional outfit does this sort of thing.

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