Sunday 10 February 2013

Review - A NinjaGO storage solution

NinjaGO storage case

Back in October 2012, I reviewed NinjaGo, a Lego game that I didn't rate particularly highly. While I didn't think much of the game, I didn't have the heart to get rid of it because... Well, you know... It's Lego. You can't get rid of Lego.

Anyway, I kept the game, and played it a few times with my 11-year-old brother-in-law. He really enjoyed it, so I guess Lego know what they're doing after all!

Fast-forward to February 2013: I discovered were having a sale on some of their Lego products, including a NinjaGO Spinner Storage Box. These nifty little cases are normally £15 or so, but Amazon were selling them off for less than £5. I don't particularly need a storage solution for my epic collection of two NinjaGO spinners, but I know a bargain when I see one.

(Man, I am such a sucker.)

I purchased one of the cases, thinking it would be a bit tidier than the screwbox I had my spinners stored in; but I wasn't really expecting much. However, when the case actually arrived, I had to admit I was pretty impressed.

It came in a nice cardboard sleeve to keep it unmarked, and I was slightly amused to see this sleeve included a diagram showing how to put the Lego bits inside. Have we really reached the stage where we need instructions on how to put things in a box?

After I had removed the sleeve I was presented with a pretty cool piece of artwork featuring Lego ninjas and snake people. (I'm glad it was the snake people, as I think they are more interesting than the skeletons and stone people that comprise the other enemies in the NinjaGO line of products.)

NinjaGO spinner storage case
The NinjaGO spinner storage case - Ninjas are so cool.

The case itself is very sturdy, with a durable plastic handle and two straps that fix in place with poppers to hold the lid closed.

NinjaGO spinner storage case
The case is actually well made and sturdy.

Inside, there is a plastic flap to store cards in, and a moulded plastic section that can house plenty of spinners, figures, weapons, blocks, and instructions.

NinjaGO spinner storage case
Moulded tray stores 10 spinners and accessories.

It's a good little product: Certainly not worth £15, but well worth £5. And yes, it does look tidier on my shelf that that old screwbox I was using before.

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